Anchorage PASS Group

Welcome to the Anchorage PASS Group!

Welcome to the Anchorage Pass Group (APG)! We are a local community associated with PASS, who help members succeed with business intelligence applications and professional growth. APG is a local group that wants to maintain a regular schedule for trainings regarding Excel, Tableau, SQL Server, and other necessary items for businesses to succeed. APG is always looking for new ideas on what to focus on in the next group meeting. We need to know what you want to know to succeed and have meetings with meaningful information for the community. Please pass your ideas along to to let us know what you would like to learn!

Benefits of PASS

PASS is a free membership that is associated with Microsoft that provides on – demand learning, thought – leadership discussions, and can have a large and positive impact on your network. Anchorage PASS Group is also a free membership to sign up and provides face to face trainings on a scheduled basis.  Signing up will get you to access not just to APG but all the other benefits associated with PASS.

Volunteers are Needed!


Hi Everyone! The Anchorage PASS Group is looking for the following individuals to donate time to help plan and set up meetings in the future. 

- Vice President – Helps direct and set up meetings, communicates needs of the group, and fill in for absences. Reviews, approves, and/or edits final marketing from Secretary. Keeps copies of minutes after meetings.

- Secretary – Take minute notes, create flyers/marketing for the group, promote group events on social media

- Treasurer – In the not so far off future, APG will most likely need to fund raise for the group but would like to avoid charging for group events. If you have experience raising money without charging members, are interested in donating some of your time, please contact to help us gain some financial support.

- Planner – Do you like to make plans? This position would track the meetings that are upcoming, plan the meetings with the president of the group, and track the data that is being sent in for requested meeting events.


Please message APG if you are interested in volunteering. Please be aware, these jobs are for people who are willing to donate their time and heart; there is no pay associated with these leadership positions! This group was founded with the idea of providing free education to the public, please participate in making this group grow and become the needed version for Anchorage.



APG will have the first official meeting on October 16, 2018 at 11:30 AM. We will meet in the University of Alaska Anchorage Ramuson Hall Room 215. We will be focusing on Excel Formulas and graphs, which will be taught by Professor Bogdan Hoanca, who has been teaching since 2002. 

Sorry, there are no upcoming meetings. Please check back for updates.


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